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What is an Exotic Beauty?

November 3rd, 2010 Comments off

Many women would do anything to look like the most gorgeous woman in the world; however most women do not fit into the mold of society’s standards of beauty. A woman who is an exotic beauty is physically magnetic to both men and women because of the illusion naked beauty that she exudes with her clothes on.

Women who are intoxicatingly beautiful are physically attractive to both men and women. In other words, women want to look like them by copying their makeup style or purchasing the clothes or shoes that beautiful women wear. Men, obviously want to have sex with them physically, but since most of them cannot they want to psychologically have sex with women who have exotic beauty by hanging her picture in his locker, office, or bedroom.

The word exotic means different or presumes that the object or person comes from a foreign region of the world. The concept of exotic beauty is culturally relative because depends on how the mainstream culture of a specific society define beauty. Therefore the Blonde bombshell beauty would be an exotic beauty in Nigeria where dark skin and plump hips, thighs and buttocks are preferred. But in America, the blonde bombshell beauty sets the standard for classic beauty that is illustrated via the media in various Marilyn Monroe type art and the entertainers who emulate her type of beauty.

As a psychologist, I am going to offer a more subconscious definition of exotic beauty that taps into the collective consciousness of universal beauty that most humans share that involves our basic instincts of mating and attraction. An exotic beauty is a woman who arouses and stimulates the raw, unconditioned, natural base of human sexuality. When you think of an exotic beauty you probably don’t think of a woman with perfect eye shadow, lipstick and blush wearing a beautiful dress and designer high heel shoes. If you take a quick moment to think about an exotic beauty what will probably come to mind is a woman that society has trained you to think of as being overweight, unattractive and far from what most Americans think of as being representative of classic beauty.

The exotically beautiful woman who comes to mind is probably naked, with dark long, flowing hair, brown skin, voluptuous breasts and nipples that advertises nourishment to a baby and comfort to her lover; round, generous hips, buttocks and thighs that cushions and envelops her man; and soft full lips that beg to be kissed. Exotic beauty is sexy and enticing without clothes and shoes and it surpasses cultural expectations and standards of beauty. Many people are usually embarrassed by their attraction to women who exhibit exotic beauty because they have been conditioned to find their beauty source in products and mainstream media propaganda.

An exotic beauty is a woman who captures the essence of femininity by emphasizing the natural physical assets of the female form. Women who are profoundly desirous will usually have facial or body features that resemble a multitude of ethnic groups of women from around the world.

Dr. Cassandra George Sturges MA, MA, is a mother of two teenagers, a full-time psychology instructor, advice columnists for Today’s Black Woman Magazine, Seminar facilitator, author of “A Woman’s Soul on Paper” ISBN: 059


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